Letting Go to Let In

Letting Go to Let In

It’s the ultimate expression of self love.  Open your heart and mind to letting go of what is holding you back to let in the life you’ve always wanted.

Passion, Purpose & Prosperity

It’s what happens when you allow yourself to surrender and let go, without reservation, of what no longer serves you best. It’s what you will discover you’ve been missing all along.


The universe is made up of energy. Neutral energy that is without judgment, conditions or expectations. In other words, it is neither positive or negative, right or wrong, good or bad. It just is.


It’s the process taken to unleash your passion, purpose and prosperity

The Ultimate in Self Love


Letting Go to Let In is a process for self-improvement. Who better to tell you a little about the process than the creator, mentor, guide & coach of the program, Marcy Neumann.

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Heartshift Coaching

More information is coming soon. Please check back for Marcy Neumann's personal coaching program.
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